Individualized Employment Services

D.E.S.I offers a variety of individualized employment services to help clients with Autism and other intellectual disabilities achieve increased independence and self-esteem through integrated employment.

By utilizing a consumer’s existing circle of support, a well-nurtured network of job development sites and a variety of relevant vocational tools, their opportunities for successful employment are limitless.

With a diverse pool of job development resource available, D.E.S.I’s clients will be able to explore various positions from office settings, customer service, as well as warehouse to hospital settings. By exposing our client to various work environment, thereby allowing them to explore their personal strengths and passions, D.E.S.I will ultimately produce more knowledgeable, experienced, and capable candidates for employment. The organization will continue to work with primarily low income clients in an integrated employment setting, offering one-to-one support to ensure maximum personal and professional success.

Clients enrolled in D.E.S.I. Individualized Employment Services will strive to reach the following goals:

  • Ability to create a resume
  • Strong interview skills
  • Knowledge of appropriate workplace attire
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Ability to coordinate their own circle of support
  • Knowledge/understanding of their own skills/ interest for employment
  • Time-management skills
  • Advocacy skills
D.E.S.I. client displaying his career exploration mind map