Paid Internship Program

D.E.S.I. is proud to offer an innovative regional center program: the Paid Internship Program, or PIP.

The Paid Internship Program allows regional center consumers to pursue employment in the field of their choice while receiving paid income for participating at a community internship site. The program is available for consumers of the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center, South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, and nearby regional centers.

Competitive Integrated Employment

Unlike segregated job training programs, the D.E.S.I. Paid Internship Program is meant to lead to Competitive Integrated Employment. Competitive Integrated Employment, or CIE, means that a person is gainfully employed in a position paying minimum wage or higher. Work is performed in non-segregated settings alongside non-disabled peers. Clients should have the same ability to advance as their co-workers and receive equal benefits and compensation.

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