DESI Independent Living Skills

The Independent Living Skills Program is defined as a community-based day program that provides the functional skills training necessary to secure a self-sustaining independent living situation in the community and/or may provide the support necessary to maintain those skills [CCR Title 17 section 54302 (a)(35)].

Functional skills are defined as skills which enable a consumer to communicate, interact with others and to perform tasks which have practical utility and meaning at home, in the community or on the job [(CCR Title 17 section 54302 subd. (a)(30)]. Read more.

D.E.S.I. clients enrolled in the Independent Living Skills Program complete a variety of skills based learning assignments, which take place at home and in their immediate community.

These skills may include:

  • Making sure rent, utilities and other living expenses are paid on time and managed properly
  • The ability to maintain clean, organized living space
  • Interpersonal skills with the aim of improving harmony with roomates, family members and other living partners
  • Identifying and working toward their ideal living situation, based on personal needs and wants (such as location, size of household and interior decorating)

To learn more about the program from the perspective of D.E.S.I. clients enrolled in the program, view the video below.