Client Of The Month – Freddy

It’s been a while since we last posted, but we are excited to share our September client of the month with you! This month we’ve selected Freddy, a recent graduate of Glendale Community College. This fall, he began his first semester at California State University — Northridge, where he will be pursuing a degree in Astrophysics! Fascinated by all things outer space, we are so proud of him for dedicating his educational career to this field!

NASA, is that you calling?

Freddy has been with DESI since 2018, in that time we’ve seen so much growth and are proud of the steps he has taken towards his independence. In his time with DESI, Freddy has also been an active participant (and continues) to work through the DESI Paid Internship Program. He has held positions at the DESI Community Thrift Store and Food Bank and is currently an active team member at a local hotel with the support of his community educator, Janet Cisneros. There he has received various praises from his coworkers for his hard work and dedication to getting his job done as an essential part of the team.

Janet and Freddy are in our opinion a perfect match! Janet, a local clarinetist, and music educator not only works with Freddy at his Paid Internship site, but she also offers him coaching and tips on his musical endeavors. Freddy has recently taken to learning guitar, with occasional guidance from Janet. We hear one of his favorite bands is Metallica, so who knows, maybe one day we’ll see him shredding the solo to Enter Sandman before his final Astrophysics exam.

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