Client of the Month – Miguel

We’re halfway through June but we couldn’t go on and not mention our client of the month, Miguel Lugo!

A comedian, entrepreneur, and a go-getter, Miguel is working hard at starting up his very own non-profit. Through this nonprofit, he plans to provide workshops, spread awareness, and advocate for people with disabilities. Miguel also uses his life experiences to bring awareness to mental health issues and has given talks throughout Los Angeles. Through these conversations, Miguel has emphasized that he is not immune to everyday feelings of depression and anxiety, highlighting the importance of mental health issues and the need for support.

Tragically, in 2019 Miguel suffered a stroke and had to learn to eat, speak and walk again — what he refers to as the most challenging obstacle of recovery. He is still in the recovery process, and through that has incorporated being a more avid gym-goer to help him regain his strengths. True to his perseverant nature, he is not wasting any time in getting back into his comedy gig. Before COVID-19, Miguel was on stage making crowds laugh three times a week! However, with the opening of California and the ability to get back to work, he is hard at work, networking as much as possible before venues open fully.

Despite his busy schedule, Miguel stays connected to his family and appreciates spending time with them. “Family keeps me strong and grounded”, Miguel shared. Family unity and support have helped Miguel strive for more in life and with the recovery from his stroke. “D.E.S.I. supports me with starting and finishing ‘adult chores’ like assisting me by going to the mechanic and cleaning.” Miguel lives with the mentality of positive reaction is key, “negativity, give it a positive twist”, and appreciates that DESI has supported him with staff that has the same mentality.

There is always a new level that Miguel is trying to reach, and we are excited to be on this journey with him! Stay tuned for a documentary that is currently in the works which is centered on him and this journey.

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